The first quarter of 2015 is almost over and the campaign to remove 500 books from my premises (without adding another 500) is ongoing.

So far this year I have donated 106 books to the library and sold a further 18.

Incoming: 25 review copies. Purchases? Therein lies a tale …

Participation in Eva’s #tbr20 (read 20 books before purchasing another one) got the year off to an excellent start. Purists didn’t count library or review books. I did because I was working to a deadline – I wanted to complete in time for the release of the new Ishiguro. As a result, I finished the beauties below on March 2nd.


I was elated. And I hadn’t bought a book for two months! A-mazing!

During the victory parade, however,  the troops of General Let’s-sabotage-the-bibliophile slipped in and out of the castle library walls, leaving behind a trojan horse.  Hidden within my book sale money, the unspent book budget for January and February and, as I now know, the budget for March, April and May! My strategy had been not to spend any of this until my London city break ….

My spectacularly failed strategy.

I may live 26 miles from the nearest bookshop but I’m only ever 5 seconds away from a buy-with-1-click button.  The Ishiguro was the crack in the dam. You know want happened next, and it happened again when the AyeWrite program was published, and again when the Bailey’s and the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize longlists were published. The trip to London followed that with visits to Watermark Books at King’s Cross, Hatchard’s at St Pancreas and Foyles on Charing Cross Road.

The result?


So last week I started #tbr20 round two and retreated to work out an effective rearguard action.  (To be continued …)