I shall pat myself on the back for nailing the challenge I set for myself when I was seven. I was to read 7 books of 450 pages or more before today. How did I do? (Hyperlinks to my reviews)

1) The Tower – Uwe Tellkamp  – Winner of the 2008 German Book Prize (1024 pages)
2) The Goldfinch – Donna Tart – Winner of the 2014 Pultizer Prize for Fiction (880 pages)
3) A Prayer for Owen Meany – John Irving – A contemporary classic (676 pages)
4) The Siege – Arturo-Perez Reverte – Winner of the 2014 CWA Historical Dagger (672 pages)
5) Germany: Memories of A Nation – Neil MacGregor – Lizzy’s 2014 Book of the Year (640 pages)
6) An Officer and A Spy – Robert Harris – Winner of the 2014 Walter Scott Historical Fiction Prize (496 pages)
7) This is Where I Am – Karen Campbell – Best crime novelist turned to literary fiction (481 pages)
8) The Story of A New Name – Elena Ferrante  – Author Added to Lizzy’s Completist Reading (480 pages)
9) Virginia Woolf in Manahattan – Maggie Gee – Longlisted for the 2015 Folio Prize (472 pages)

The idea behind this challenge was to discover if I still had patience and the attention span to enjoy longer books. I think that’s a resounding yes. I’m relieved about that.  The blog does exert its own tyranny at times – the must read something short, so have something to write about mentality – which I have proved I can ignore.  This is a good thing for my reading.  Not so good for blog stats or rankings. (C’est la vie.)

So what are my plans for year nine?  While I am tempted to challenge myself to read half-a-dozen non-fiction books, I have decided that year nine is for enjoying myself, following my whims (especially as I am mulling on a non-book-related challenge for the summer.) It will be interesting to see where those whims take me.

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