2015 began with me mulling over Jonathan Swift’s Battle of the Books, in which modern books battle for supremacy with classical books. Chez moi, humans were battling with books for living space, and so I donned protective headgear and led the charge.  4 weeks later, there are 110 fewer books laying siege to my space.  Not that the library is in a state where I was ready to share during yesterday’s national #shelfieday but I have at least reoccupied my reading seat! 

I will, however, share a picture of the library overflow area (otherwise known as front bedroom), 90% of which is TBR …..

Library overflow area – post January 2015 cull(!)

Consider it the proverbial I-am-so-fat holiday snap moment.  A call to further action!

Option 1) Join Bookbuyers Anonymous.  Rejected.  I’d have to found the organisation first and I don’t have that vocation.  One step or, as you’re feeling slightly ambitious, 20 steps at a time, Lizzy. So ….

Option 2) Join #tbr20, an initiative started by @evastalker with only one objective – to read 20 books in the TBR before purchasing anything new.  This sounds like I can turn it into a SMART objective (specific, measurable, achievable , realistic, time-bound for the self-imposed deadline of the end of March) which will make me feel like my bookaholism is a lifestyle choice.

And I truly thought so until the first act of sabotage.  Kazuo Ishiguro is visiting Edinburgh on 5th March and, of course, I want to have sampled the new one due out on the 3rd. (Or at least purchase it, so I can own a signed copy.)  At 8.5 in #tbr20, I won’t complete by then though.  So Eva has granted me special dispensation for the Ishiguro.  I can have a well-deserved treat for one book only and then I must get back on track. Yes, this is dieting talk.  Like a diet #tbr20 is easy in the first flush of enthusiasm, becoming progressively harder as old habits strive to reassert themselves.  Thank goodness, chocolate isn’t a limited substance on this particular plan ….

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