I said I was going to be busy in August and I did not lie.   Here are the reasons why the blog has been quiet lately.

1) A trip to Thuringia.  Loved Weimar so much last year, decided to go back and explore the area in more detail this year.  A more enchanting place, I ne’er did find (with the exception of Munich and Bavaria). Here’s the view of Weimar from Schloss Belvedere.

2) A visit to the House of the Romantics in Jena. An in depth look at the German Romantic Movement – details of which I will be processing for a while.

House of the Romantics, Jena


3) The physical highlight of the trip, the hike to the Wartburg in Eisenach and the resulting trip back to medieval times.  The claim made is that this is the most significant castle in the whole of Germany … and not just because this is where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German in just 10 weeks …  at this desk.

Martin Luther’s Desk in the Wartburg

4) No trip to Weimar is complete without a trip to one of the many theatres.   I chose to attend an investigation of the relationship between Goethe and his wife, Christiane at the Theater im Gewölbe in the Cranach Haus.  A tiny theatre with about 150 seats.  Cosy.

Theater im Gewölbe, Weimar


5) A visit to the book shop – yes, just one.

As my luggage was already heavy – like any self-respecting bookworm, I’d already packed far too much reading material – I had to reign in my acquisitions.  Even so, I judged the amount I could acquire to perfection – my suitcase on the way home weighed 20.1 kg!

The Books I Took


The Books I Brought Home

6) On the way home, a 3-day city break in Berlin.  The Hauptstadt, not comparing favourably to Thuringia, if I’m honest.  Far too many building works and cranes destroying the views. (Not that Weimar was entirely innocent in this regard, but there were no cranes.)  Nor was I such a literary tourist there.  Day One spent hopping on and off the tour bus, trying to see the famous sights.  Day Two escaping the city to visit the beach on the Wannsee.  Day Three non-book shopping on the Kurfürstendamm.  Still thanks to a tip from Katy at Love German Books, I did discover the Joseph-Roth  Diele, a restaurant decorated entirely in homage to the great Austrian writer. It sells the books too! Katy, if you’re reading this, Rossetti says next time we’re in Berlin, he will happily follow up any further recommendations you may have.

Joseph Roth Diele, Berlin


So there’s a quick catch-up.  Plenty of stories to follow (perhaps in November – assuming there’s an appetite in the blogosphere for a fourth German Lit Month.  Is there?)  For now though, I have one day to unpack and repack.  Tomorrow sees me heading off to the Edinburgh Fringe and, of course, The Edinburgh International Book Festival.  What a month!  I could get used to this ….

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