To kick off Women in Translation Month , let me recommend 5 fabulous reads that I’d love others to discover for themselves.  Listed in alphabetical order of author surname. Links to my original reviews.

Jenny Erpenbeck – Visitation (Translated from German by Susan Bernofsky)

Elena Ferrante – My Brilliant Friend (Translated from Italian by Ann Goldstein)

Yoko Ogawa – Revenge (Translated from Japanese by Stephen Synder)

Clara Sánchez – The Scent of Lemon Leaves (Translated from Spanish by Julie Wark)

Teresa Solana – A Not So Perfect Crime (Translated from Catalan by Peter Bush)

Unfortunately I’m unable to support this event as I’d like, as my August is already hectic (though in a good way).  Still I’ll no doubt keep track of my feed reader and add exponentially to my wishlist …. Have fun!

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