The first consolidation post for my #bookaday entries on Twitter.  Are you playing?  if so, let me know your choices / leave your twitter handle in comments, so I can follow you.  

Day 1: A favourite book from childhood

I have always been a bookworm but I know I read voraciously before the age of eleven.  But nothing has stayed with me.  The Hobbit was the first book read for English at grammar school and it’s a story once read, never forgotten.  It was also the last bedtime story I read to my dyslexic son.  He was a eleven at the time.  Synchronicity?

Day 2: Best Bargain

These might be Reader’s Digest editions but they are sturdy, unabridged hardbacks and illustrated to boot! Talking of which, I bought them at a car boot sale.  3 for £1 or a ready made library of classics in pristine condition for a £10.  

Day 3: A Book With A Blue Cover

I have hundreds of books with blue covers, so I picked the latest addition to my shelves.  I’ve been meaning to read Tim Winton for ages, but couldn’t decide where to start.  Kimbofo’s 5-star review of his new release convinced me that this is the one.

Day 4: Least favourite book by a favourite author

Like many, I took a strong dislike to Constance, and, therefore, to McGrath’s novel.  Sorry, Patrick.  At least I didn’t dislike it enough to remove you from my completist reading list.


Day 5: A book that doesn’t belong to me.

I suspect that if I were a child now, I would have nominated The Gruffalo on Day One.  Maybe I’m reverting to childhood early, but I love this book and have taken to sneak reading when in a bookshop.  This is a memento of the last time I did so.  The location: Watermark Books in King’s Cross Station.