Later today I’ll be taking the train to the Mitchell Library for the final day of Aye Write 2014.  It’s such a beautiful building – time for a tour methinks.

The small entrance on North Street is the one I use.

North Street Entrance

Walking round the building brings you to the main entrance on Granville Street, which is much more spectacular.

Granville Street Entrance

Once inside, it can get very busy.

A busy foyer

The auditorium is just on the left and the main cafe to the right. Walking back through the library, the business centre and around the corridor, the book shop is on the right (separate post to follow) and the grand main hall is on the left.  How’s this for a ceiling?

Main hall ceiling

Impressive even with a missing pane?

Missing Pane

Opposite the main hall is the grand staircase.

At the bottom of the stairs

Half way up, there’s an excellent view of the inside of the intricate building dome.

Inside the dome

Turn right to the Burns Room, where the poet himself is to be found guarding the library’s valuable collection of poetry.

Burns guarding his poetry

Back to the top of the staircase now, and turn left.  This brings you to the Jeffrey room which houses a beautiful collection of first editions, fine bindings and illustrated books, which were donated to the library in 1902 by Robert Jeffrey. The terms of the bequest were that the collection was to be displayed in its entirety.  The result is rather fabulous.

Dickens 1st editions

Back to the staircase again.  (I wandered up and down this corridor and staircase quite a lot during the festival.) A quick peek over the banister shows you the view to the exit back to North Street.

Down the stairs to the exit

At this time of the year, it can be quite dark when leaving but the library at night is really stunning.

The Mitchell at Night

Look carefully and there she is, at the top of the dome: Literature is wishing you a safe journey home and a speedy return.

Fare Ye Well


It’s a beautiful venue for a literary festival, don’t you agree?