All good things come in threes – well, they do today, if you are a literature lover and your name is Lizzy.

1) We bloggers love shiny new books and today sees the launch of an online magazine devoted to them.  Hats off to Annabel, Harriet, Simon and Victoria, 4 indefatigable and passionate bloggers whose new collaboration, Shiny New Books, hits the e-newstands today. (Move over broadsheets.)

2) I heard about this at Aye Write! only yesterday.  The Romanticism Blog, sponsored by the Wordsworth Trust, also launches today to commemorate Wordsworth’s 244th birthday.  I’m not sure of the link but keep an eye on @wordsworthians. I’m sure they’ll let us know sometime today.  Last year I did a mini-themed read on the English Romantics and decided I would explore more deeply.  This initiative might just give me the impetus to do that.

3) Oh be still my beating heart – this one is especially for me (and for all German Lit in translation lovers).

The Goethe Institute is launching an online book club. From now on it’s German Lit Month every month! Discussion of Julia Franck’s Back to Back commences sometime today.  Again details on how exactly this is going to work are still a bit sketchy. I’ll be joining in around 17:00 BST.  I hope to “see” some of you there. (At least that’s where I think it is ….)