So GLM III flew by and people participated like never before!  People without blogs joined in and people from Goodreads.  We even had a bona fide German-English literary translator join our ranks this year! I’m assuming everyone enjoyed themselves.  Did you enjoy the ladies’ week / gent’s week format?  (Should we do that again next year?) But enough of that, let’s first deal with a number of traditions that seem to be growing around the event.

1) I never want it to end and so invariably carry on reading German lit well into December.  No change there – I’m working my way slowly through Tales of the German Imagination.  I do want to finish it in 2013 because it will appear on my best of list.

2) I acquire more German lit than I consume. No change there either.  I read 12 titles but my TBR grew by 18!  2014 may well be the year (never mind month) of German Literature in these parts.

3) The German Lit Tour Bus got us into a scrape once again.  This time, though, we all escaped without a scratch.  Thanks Tony!

4) The author index is a work in progress … I’ll publish soon.

Now there’s something else …. What was it?  Oh yes, the Wednesdays are Wunderbar German Lit Month Giveaway.  This year the giveaway winners are being announced after the event, because ….. I wanted this to be a bit of a surprise.


I have a 4-book set from the Berlin publishers Readux,who asked me to give the set away to my favourite post of the month.   As always there were many quality contributions, it was a tough ask.   So I’m adding a couple of lovely bookmarks from Goethe’s house in Weimar to the prize pot ….. 

Drumroll please ……  The winners are:

One bookmark to Alex in Leeds as her post on Christine Brückner resulted in my first purchase of the month.

One bookmark to Mel U from The Reading Life whose contribution was utterly phenomenal and I’m especially grateful for his signposting of Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast.

Vishy wins the book set from Readux, which are absolutely beautiful (and will need to be prised from my clutches).  The winning post, which everyone should go read now, was a lengthy discussion on translations and translators and what draws us to some rather than others. I thought it such a  thought-provoking post and such a well-timed one.  The translators deserve their moment in the spotlight – this moment particularly.  Of the 115 books read during GLM III  only 16 were in the original language.  Without the translators GLM would not exist.

So congratulations translators, contributors and my co-hostess, Caroline, on another successful German Literature Month.  Congratulations too to the prize-winners.  Email your address to lizzysiddal AT yahoo DOT com and I’ll do the honours by return.