Here we go again, German lit lovers.   Doesn’t time fly?  It seems like I wound up 2012’s #germanevenlatermonth only yesterday!  I promise to behave myself this year and stick to the deadlines … maybe.

At least I am better organised this year. I’ve read most what I’m planning to write about even if I haven’t written up much in advance.  In line with this year’s challenge, I have a fairly even split between ladies and gents – though that may not be how things finish.  We’ll have to see where your reading recommendations take me this month.  There is space in my schedule for some on the spur of the moment choices.

But first of all, I need to take care of last year’s unfinished business.  If you remember, I took a virtual trip down the Brother Grimm Fairy Tale Way and then booked the trip for real  this summer.  Well, I have photos and stories galore to tell, starting oddly with a happy ending. Last year we left one of our #germanlitmonth stalwarts in a bit of a dilemma.  It looked as if he were fated to substitute for Hansel.   The good news is I managed to track him down …

and released him!

So we are all present and correct, I think. It’s hard to keep track since the demise of google reader, so, if you’re joining us, would you please sign-up at the new German Literature Month blog.  It’s on blogger where we can use the wonders of Mr Linky to keep track of participants and contributions and create a place to go and find our next German Literature read.  If you post on German Literature this month, would you also please create a link on the appropriate Linky list.  It will be of a great help to Caroline and me as we attempt to summarise the month’s proceedings.  I’m also intending to load the author indexes from GLM I and II on this new blog over the weekend.  So previous GLM participants, be prepared for a mass of pingbacks coming your way.

I am so looking forward to November and I hope you enjoy it as much as I intend to! 🙂