Time for the second Sunday omnibus. There may be two more days of EIBF to go but for me c’est fini. I completed my 30 events for the 30th anniversary challenge. I am now 20 books into my 30 book EIBF readathon. Lots of content to write up over the coming month(s) which will give me breathing space to read some of the huge doorstop novels that are threatening to overwhelm the TBR.

Here’s the picture summary for week two and could I have a drumroll please as I announce Lizzy’s EIBF awards ….

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Hero of the fortnight: The weather! It drizzled only a couple of times and was misty for only one day. Which meant there was much reading on the lawn …
Most thought-provoking event: Jennie Erdal’s Workshop on War and Peace. More to follow on that.
Smartest Cookie: Margaret Atwood
She had total recall when discussing The Blind Assassin 13 years after publication. When asked what was the significance of the colour mauve in yer novels, she confessed that she had never been asked that question before before replying “It’s a motif for future dissertation students!” This event was also a consolation prize of sorts I desperately wanted to attend John Mullan’s workshop on Pride and Prejudice but it clashed with German Book Prize winner, Eugen Ruge. There could only be one winner in that particular bout. Anyway I was delighted to find John Mullan chairing The Blind Assassin discussion.
Best Reading: Meike Ziervogel. Reasons explained here.
Most beautifully designed book cover in the bookshopThe Emperor of Paris – C S Richardson (See photo)
Best individual performance Luke Wright performing a selection of his sometimes poignant, sometimes raucous poems from Mondeo Man at the Faber Social. He stole the show.
Best performance event The book launch of Andrew Greig’s Fair Helen in which Greig’s reading was accompanied by Rachel Newton playing Scottish Ballads on the harp. It was my final event. There was ne’er a more fitting finale.