At the half-way point of EIBF 2013 and I’m just over half-way through my 30 events for the 30th anniversary challenge. Here’s a synopsis of the 1st week in photos.

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I’ve taken loads of notes and words will follow although whether I’ll ever blog it all is doubtful. Yesterday though, when I’d filled my notebook, I tried live tweeting. Not as easy as it looks, I can tell you. Still I’ll try some more during week two – that way I’ll be able to keep up with myself.

For now though, some favourite moments from EIBF 2013 Week One.

3) Rick Gekoski’s indiscretions re judging the Booker prize. Details in last paragraph of this article.
2)The moment Ian Rankin forgot he was chairing Maj Sjöwall’s event and answered an question from the audience instead of directing it to her. (Bet he thought we didn’t notice …)
1) Jonathan Coe’s anecdote re what can be lost in translation. (I’ll tell you next translation Thursday.)