Just in case you missed it, the Edinburgh Book Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

My hubby has decided not to be a book festival widower and has gone visiting family. This leaves me free to gallivant to my heart’s content in Charlotte Square (and the Fringe). So I’ve set myself a couple of challenges to celebrate the EIBF in style.

A) 30 events for 30 years

Week One
1) Patrick Ness (My Report)
2) Kate Atkinson (Report at Cornflower Books) (My Mini Report)
3) Patrick Flanery and Philipp Meyer (My Report)
4) Nadeem Aslam
5) War and Peace Workshop with Jenny Erdal (Report at Every Book has a Soul)
6) Multiples with Adam Thirlwell, Nadeem Aslam and John Banville (Review at Every Book Has A Soul))
7) Granta 2003 with Toby Litt, A L Kennedy and Rachel Cusk
7) Rick Gekoski (Report at Every Book Has A Soul)
8) Jane Gardam (Report at Cornflower Books)
9) Maj Sjöwall (Report at Every Book Has A Soul)
10) Alison Moore / Sue Peebles – The Pre-War House and Other Stories
11) Ron Rash and Manuel Rivas
12) Jonathan Coe
13) Gavin Wallace Tribute Event
14) Philippe Claudel and Peter Terrin
15) Patrick McGrath
16) Ali Smith
17) Rhodri Jeffrey Jones, Christian Plowman
18) Owen Martell / Meike Ziervogel -Magda
19) Arne Dahl and Alex Gray
20) James Runcie / Sara Sheridan
21) Pippa Goldschmidt / Alice Thompson
22) Patricio Pron / Eugen Ruge
23) Tessa Hadley / Ruth Thomas
24) Rhidian Brook / C S Richadson
25) The Faber Social
26) William Sutcliffe
27) Lauren Beukes / Mikhail Shiskin
28) Margaret Atwood on The Blind Assassin
29) Eleanor Catton / Hannah Kent
30) Andrew Greig

B) 30 books for 30 years

The EIBF bookshop is deadly wonderful and I have many impulse purchases from yesteryear in the stacks. The idea is to read 30 EIBF associated books by the end of the year, reviewing as many as possible.

Current count : 24 read for 2013 festival. Total reviews 5 (13.09.2013)

1) Life after Life – Kate Atkinson
2) The Blind Man’s Garden – Nadeem Aslam
3) Burnt Island – Alice Thompson
4) Lost, Stolen, Shredded – Rick Gekoski
5)  Laughing Policeman – Maj Sjawoll and Per Wahloo
6) Expo ’58 – Jonathan Coe
7) Clever Girl – Tessa Hadley
8)  Year of The Flood – Margaret Atwood
9) Fallen Land – Patrick Flanery
10) The Man In The Wooden Hat – Jane Gardam
11) Last Friends – Jane Gardam
12) The Shining Girls – Lauren Beukes
13) The Investigation – Philippe Claudel
14) The Guard – Peter Terrin
15) The Pre-War House and Other Tories – Alison Moore
16) Magda – Meike Ziervogel
17) In Times of Fading Light – Eugen Ruge
18) Constance – Patrick McGrath
19)  The Blinded Man – Arne Dahl
20) Bad Blood – Arne Dahl
21) Burial Rites – Hannah Kent
22) Luckenbooth – An Edinburgh Poetry Anthology
23) Laidlaw – William McIlvanney
24) The Papers of Tony Veitch – William McIlvanney
25) Strange Loyalties – William McIlvanney
26) The 199 Steps and The Courage Consort – Michel Faber
27) Dark Actors – Robert Lewis
28) Cold Sea Stories – Pavel Huelle
29) The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton
30) TBC

Something tells me, this not so little project will keep me busy for a while …… And I may not have the energy – or the time – to blog much while I’m working my way through it. However, there are some locally based-bloggers on site and they’ll will be much quicker at turning their posts around.

So if you blog one of my EIBF events, let me know, so I can include you in the – let’s call it – EIBF 30th anniversary blogging portal.