This is the half-way point of my summer blogging break and I’m checking in with some quick thoughts on how things are going.

Firstly I’m enjoying the break. Although – given that the primary purpose of this blog is a online reading notebook – I am missing recording my thoughts as I finish a book. So, while I’m on a blogging braek, I’m recording them in a notebook, which I will transfer to blog later on. Seems a bit daft, actually.   And dangerous – I started this site in the first place because I lost a paper reading journal.

However, the break is keeping me off the net and away from associated distractions and, thereby, increasing my reading time. Well, it will do, now that I’m not travelling.

Just got back from Germany – always fabulous but this time the trip was exceptional. Lots of literary tales to tell you about travelling and reading on the Brother Grimm Straße and then, by complete way of contrast, a few days in the hub of German literature …. Weimar. Absolutely divine … And the bookshops are irresistible. Flying home and luggage allowances kept me in check though. So much to discover there. Rossetti loved it just as much (and he’s not a German literature fan). Plans are already underway for a return trip next year.

Here’s the book tally.

Books read 4 (Eugen Ruge – In Times of Fading Light, Karen Duve – Grrrimm; Cornelia Funke – Fearless, Max Landorff – Tretjak).

All good, the Duve is brilliant but not yet translated.

I recommend Tretjak as summer holiday reading – a psychological thriller concerning a man who fixes other people’s lives discovering that his own is in need of more fixing than most. Detailed reviews and some travelogue posts to follow in due course. For an advanced sneak peak of the trip, I have loaded some pictures on flickr.

Books Purchased 5 (Joseph Kiermeier-Debre – Schillers Frauen; Bernd Köstering – Goetheglut -crime novel set in Weimar; Weimar Literarisch – a literary anthology; Klassisches Weimar – a coffee table book with lovely pictures; Weimar City Guide). I suspect some of those will be packed in the suitcase for reading in situ next year.

I now have a couple of days before returning to work. Time to get stuck into the Edinburgh Book Festival pile. I want to read as many books in advance as I can. Current total of books completed: 2. Target: At least 20.  4 weeks to go.  Best get cracking.  Back soonish.