I must admit there are times when my relationship with the computer has almost ended in violence – though usually in a professional capacity not through any social networking interaction, mainly because I don’t spend my life on facebook, twitter and the like. I do, however, spend (too) many hours writing this blog and reading others so that I recognise myself in some of Gemini Adams cartoons.

Here’s a small sampling.


Many a true word is spoken in jest and this collection of 50 cartoons is humorous though not cruelly so. The intent is kind and I find the exhortation to take a digital detox well-timed. Living on the web is all very well, particularly in the dark cold months of a Scottish winter but right now the days are long, warm and an unfamiliar yellow object has appeared in the sky. It’s time to go outside and away from the computer.

I have a busy summer ahead. It involves this …


The bus has been MOT’ed or rather TÜV’ed and awaits my arrival in Frankfurt am Main for a 1500 km literary tour. I’m reliably informed there’s also a small but tasty capsule of German literature on board.


Nothing like preparing for German Literature Month in advance, is there? (Though it’s highly unlikely that I’ll keep schtum about my adventures until November.)

I also need to find the time to tackle the mountainous Edinburgh International Book Festival TBR.


I haven’t yet decided on my full itinerary. That will depend on the books I manage to read before EIBF kicks off on the 10th August. If I continue to blog for the next 7 weeks, I might just manage to hit double figures. If I take a break, I may well complete a score, particularly if the sun continues to shine and I can lounge in the garden and generally relax and read … and then read some more. What else are the lazy, hazy days of summer for? (Dream on, Lizzy. This is Scotland.)

Regardless of the weather, I’m going to enjoy my summer. Wishing you the same and, if I don’t check in before, I’ll be back in August.