Read Jan-June 2012
Read Jan-June 2012

Actually there are no ugly books in this post. It’s just that I find lateness a very ugly quality and I was late for many things in 2012. So my Falladian February shifted to April, Venice in February was postponed to May, #germanlitmonth became #germanlatemonth and I finally reviewed books read in September and October just in time for the end of the year. Oh I have excuses aplenty but still, I shall try to be more punctual next year.

Try being the operative word. Plans for January have already gone awry – but more on that when we get there.

Was there any badness in 2012? Yes, there were a few DNF – about six  in all.  The less said the better. I didn’t curb my acquisitions and so – despite ongoing culling – the TBR is taller at the end of the year than it was at the beginning. I have to get a grip on this in 2013 – otherwise there’ll be no space for me to live in! (Note to self: You cannot afford a second mortgage.)

On the other hand this was a year of bountiful goodness.

No Longer TBR July-Dec 2012
Read July-Dec 2012

In January I built my (first) library (yes, am formulating plans for a second. Don’t tell Rossetti) and participated in Australian Literature Month (on time!). February saw me invited to tea and cakes in Bloomsbury and wandering the streets of London in search of Dickens. We’ll forget March: it was overshadowed by the Prince II manual and April by Rossetti’s ill-health. Appropriately in May I discovered Peter May’s fantastic Lewis trilogy and embarked on some fictional island-hopping to pass the time until the release of the final volume. (Only one week to go!) I interviewed the legendary Peter Stamm in June and was also on time for Dutch Literature Month. I remained punctual during Spanish Literature Month in July. You couldn’t tear me away from Charlotte Square and the Edinburgh Book festival in August, where I met favourite German language authors Peter Stamm and Matthias Politycki and not just in the signing queue. September brought with it the inaugural Bloody Scotland crime book festival and a second trip to London to visit the fab-u-lous Pre-Raphaelite exhibition. Naturally I slotted in much related themed reading. I enjoyed most of the best Booker shortlist for years in October. (3 of which made their way to my own Best of 2012.)  What can I say about November and the second German Literature Month except thank you to everyone who participated and made it even better than the first! If fact, thanks to everyone who reads my literary musings. The 300,000 hit milestone was also passed in November. And to end the year, once I’d got #germanlatemonth out of my system, I caught up with Dickens in December.

Phew – it’s been a busy year,  full of quality reading, most of which is pictured above.  (Makes a change having pictures of book stacks which have been read, doesn’t it?)   May 2013 bring more of the same.