Here it is!  The sum total of 2012’s amazing #germanlitmonth, #germanlatemonth and #germanevenlatermonth!  We covered all genres this year: plays, poetry, literary and all manner of genre fiction.  There was an emphasis on fairy tales culminating in a 600 km fantasy trip down the German Fairy Tale Road for a meal at a restaurant worthy of the Grimms.  And let’s not forget the invention of a mighty new author.  Can you spot him in the author index below?

I like to have special content on milestone posts and for my 750th you have all help me create a very special post indeed.  Clap yourselves on the back, take as many bows as you wish, enjoy the applause.  You deserve it!

GLM 2012 badge

Arjouni: More Beer (1) Bärfuss: One Hundred Days (1Bernhard: My Prizes (1), The Corrections (1Böll: Group Portrait with Lady (1Brentano: The Tale of Honest Caspar and Fair Annie (1) Capus: Léon and Louise (1) De La Motte Fouqué: Undine (1) Döblin: Berlin Alexanderplatz (1) Drvenkar: Tell Me What You See (1 2) Dürrenmatt: Justice (1) Duve: This is Not a Love Song (1) Fontane: Effi Briest (1), L’Adultera (1) Franke: Der Elfenbeinturm (1) Funke: Reckless (1) Glattauer: Love Virtually (1 2) Goethe: Hermann and Dorothea (1), The Erl King (1), The Fairy Tale (1), The Sorrows of Young Werther (1Gotthelf: The Black Spider (1Grass: From the Diary of A Snail (1Grimm: Fairy Tales (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) Gstrein: Winters in the South (1Haas: Brenner and God (1Heine: Germany, A Winter’s Tale (1), The Journey to the Harz (1), The Lorelei (1) Hermann: Summerhouse, Later (1Hesse: Demian (1), Siddhartha (1Heyse: The Fury (1) Hochgatterer: The Sweetness of Life (1) Hoffmann: The Golden Pot (1), The Story of the Hard Nut (1Hotschnig: Maybe This Time (1) Jelinek: The Piano Teacher (1), Wonderful, Wonderful Times (1) Kafka: Amerika (1) Keun: After Midnight (1) von Kleist: The Beggar Woman of Locarno (1)  Ledig: The Stalin Front (1 2 3) Mann Heinrich: Man of Straw (1) Mann Thomas: Death in Venice (1 2) Müller: The Hunger Angel (1), The Land of Green Plums (1 2Neidhart: Meie, dîn lichter schin (1) Noll: The Pharmacist (1) Politycki: London for Heroes (1), Next World Novella (1Remarque: All Quiet on the Western Front (1Rilke: Poetry (1Roth: Hotel Savoy (1) Schätzing: The Swarm (1Schenkel: Bunker (1), The Murder Farm (1Schertenlieb: A Happy Man (1) von Schiller: Love and Intrigue (1), Maria Stuart (1) von Schirach: Crime and Guilt (1) The Collini Case (1 2 3) Schlink: Summer Lies (1 2 3) The Gordian Knot (1), The Reader (1 2), The Weekend (1 2Schnitzler: Dream Story (1 2) Dying (1), Fraulein Else (1), Leutnant Gustl (1), Night Games (1 2 3 4) Schnitzpard: (1 2) Simon: Zbinden’s Progress (1) Stamm: Seven Years (1 2 3), Unformed Landscape (1 2) Sterchi: The Cow (1Stifter: Brigitta (1), Rock Crystal (1) Süskind: The Pigeon (1Tieck: Eckbert the Fair (1) Trakl: Poetry (1 2) Vanderbeke: Ich siehe was, was Du nicht siehst (1) von der Vogelweide: Unter den Linden (1) Wassermann: My First Wife (1) Walser Alissa: Mesmerised (1Walser Robert: Jakob von Gunten (1) Weihe: Sea of Ink (1 2)  Werfel: Pale Blue Ink in A Ladŷ’s Hand (1), Werner: On The Edge (1) Wetzel: Long Days (1) Wolf: No Place on Earth (1),  Zeh: Dark Matter/In Free Fall (1), The Method (1) Zweig: Burning Secret (1), Confusion (1), Fear (1), The Post Office Girl (1), The Royal Game (1)

Anthologies: Sci-Fi Stories (1), Short Stories from Best European Fiction 2012 (1)

Interviews: Meet The Translator: Sally-Ann Spencer (1)

Non-Fiction: Boyle: A Very Short Introduction to German Literature (1), Nooteboom: Roads to Berlin (1) Stein: Prague German Writers (1Ziegler: Forbidden, Ostracised, Banned – German Women Writers Under National Socialism (1)

P.S Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

P.P.S Rossetti has agreed to travel down the Grimm Fairy Tale Road for real next summer …. you see, there was method in my Grimm Readathon madness!