All those in need of an extension to German Literature Month.

That would be me.  Life conspired against me during genre week (a 48-hour migraine, a flood in the garage and 24-hours notice of unexpected houseguests –  let’s just say I was living my very own  dystopia).  The result is that I didn’t write the two reviews I’d intended and as I very much want them to be included on the final GLM author index, I’ve negotiated an extension of one week with Caroline, my co-host.  So, there’s no need to feel pressured and rush a review of that book you’re racing to finish before midnight this Friday.  You now have until midnight 7th December to do so.

That means, if you’re so inclined, you also have time to read and review of the 5 Dials magazine dedicated to contemporary German literature that will be published on 3rd December!  Do you think we can sneak in one more group read?