1) Terri from AndThenSheReads who wins my second surprise giveaway for being the first person to take up one of my recommendations, read and review it all during the first half of German Literature Month 2012!  Herta Müller’s The Hunger Angel is currently winging its way towards her.

2) 6 German literature authors who have been longlisted for the 2013 IMPAC Literary Award

Alina Bronsky, The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine, trans. Tim Mohr (Reviewed here)

Judith Hermann, Alice, trans. Margot Bettauer Dembo (on TBR)

Ulrich Peltzer, Part of the Solution, trans. Martin Chalmers (now on wishlist)

Thomas Pletzinger, Funeral for a Dog, trans. Ross Benjamin (on TBR)

Julya Rabinovich, Splithead, trans. Tess Lewis (Reviewed here)

Ingo Schulze, Adam and Evelyn, trans. John E. Woods (now on wishlist)

3) Everybody who loves German literature.  The next edition of complementary electronic 5 Dials magazine, published by Hamish Hamilton,  will be dedicated to contemporary German literature.  How stupendously wunderbar is that!  The launch party is in Berlin on 3rd December.  Now I just need me an angel to deliver a plane ticket …. and pigs might fly.   Never mind, it looks as though German Literature Month 2012 is set to extend into December ….