The winners of last week’s giveaways are:

Burning Secret by Stefan Zweig goes to Sarah from Everybookhasasoul.

Fear by Stefan Zweig goes to The Willoughby Book Club

A Burning Secret by Siegfried Lenz goes to Chris in Osaka.

On the Edge by Markus Werner goes to viveksingh.

The Bridge of the Golden Horn goes to Karen.

All winners were emailed on Monday night.  Would Chris and Sarah please email me their addresses?  If not received by Saturday, I shall choose other winners. I want these books to be with the winners in plenty of time for November.

It was lovely to see some new names in the draw.  Must mean word about German Literature Month is spreading. 🙂

Didn’t win this time? Have another go. Hie thee over to Caroline’s blog where you will find another batch of 6 up for grabs.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.

EDIT: 5/10 Have corrected link to Caroline’s blog. Apologies to anyone who tried it before .. it should work now.