The first 9 days of the EIBF have been busy – very busy, if you consider that I travelled into Edinburgh 6 times, attended 15 events and spent 2 days decorating the hall. Also read 2 books.  No wonder the blog has been unable to keep up.  In fact, put into context, my 3 posts to date look like a sterling effort.

The final 8 days are going to be even busier.  So busy that when I drive in tomorrow morning,  I’m not going to go home until Thursday evening!  I will have mobile technology with me so I may post in the meantime.  Most likely I shall be tweeting, technology permitting.  (Let’s not talk about that embarrassing moment during Thursday’s story shop ….)  The blog will catch up in more detail when time permits.

In the meantime, here are 5 6 top memories and associated pictures from Week One.

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6) Release of Elsewhere – an anthology in 4 volumes of short stories written especially for Edinburgh Book Festival.  OK – so the stories were first published on the Edinburgh Book Festival Site but I’ve been hankering after the printed page since forever.  I hanker no longer.

5) Laughing till I cried at A  L Kennedy’s event as she read an essay of the trials of writing in a wooden summerhouse with only demented woodpeckers for company.  She has written a series of essays about the writing life which will be published next year.  Something to look forward to.  And it was so good to see her looking well again after a period of ill health.

4) The Classics theme.  I had some good teachers but none of them made literature as much fun as did Simon Callow (Dickens), John Mullan (Austen) and Alexandra Harris (Virginia Woolf).

3) The Edinburgh Book Festival Mindmap (I need to find the person who designed this.  It is a work of genius.)

2) The Hilary Mantel event

1)  The Sunshine!  It has rained but only on what were supposed to be my rest days.  In the main, however, umbrellas were used as sunshades this week!  Herewith may I put in an order for more of the same during the next 8 days at least.