You may remember that I started the countdown to the 2012 Edinburgh Book Festival the moment I left Charlotte Square last year.  I’d just like to point out to my fellow festivalers that at 14:00 today (21.07), the hour count will have reduced from 8400 to just 500.  (Not that I’m obsessed or anything …..)

In preparation I have installed a coffee table in the library and have stocked it with books pertaining to the events I’m hoping to attend.  I have the full 17 days off work but life is being consistent only in throwing wobblies at me this year.   I may get to everything I’m planning to see and then again I may not.

In the meantime, however, I want to read/sample as many books on this table as I can.  The 5 books in the small pile far right are the ones I have already read.  If proof were needed that I should have learnt to speed read by now, this is it!  But I haven’t and so if things go quiet around here between now and the 11th August, you’ll know why.   I’m reading!