Here we go.  It’s time for the latest literary blog hop and have I got a treat for you!

When they are well done, I really admire modern works based on classic originals.  When an author can produce a whole series of them, then I’m doubly impressed.

Roger N Morris has reinvented Dostoevsky’s detective Porfiry Petrovich and written a 4-part series.  I devoured and reviewed them all.   My favourite was Book 2,  A Vengeful Longing,  and I’m offering you a chance to read it.  I don’t believe you need to have read Book 1 to enjoy this.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s the middle of a hot, dusty St Petersburg summer in the late 1860s.  A doctor’s wife and son die suddenly  – and in excruciating pain.  The doctor is arrested, suspected of poisoning.  As investigator Porfiry Petrovich concedes, in such cases the obvious solution turns out to be the correct solution.  And in the city’s stifling, stinking atmosphere, even he lacks the energy to look any deeper.

But when further, apparently unconnected, murders occur, something like a pattern seems to emerge.  Porfiry is forced to reassess his assumptions and follow a tenuous, uncertain trail that takes him into the hidden, squalid heart of the city and brings him face to face with incomprehensible horror and cruelty.

I’m going to twin this with a book by Morris’s muse – a copy of Dostoevsky’s Notes From Underground (which may or may not be the actual inspiration for A Vengeful Longing).  It doesn’t get much more literary than that!

Competition is open worldwide and the result will be announced sometime on February 23rd.

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