It’s a triple celebration today.
It’s my 5th blogiversary and the blog has now reached the 250,000 hit milestone.  Thank you, one and all.  You are all invited to the official opening of Lizzy’s Library.
Finally, in my early-50’s, a childhood dream has come true.  I always wanted floor-to-ceiling shelves in a room dedicated to my literary passions!  This just proves that everything comes to she who waits …..

Please avert your eyes if you’re not in the mood for a tour presented in the over the top spirit of an M&S food advert. For this is not a library, this is Lizzy’s Library …

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Signing off for now.  If you need me, you know where to find me.  😉

EDIT:  Just thinking, you couldn’t do this with a Kindle, could you?