The 1st month of the TBR Double Dare has passed. I read 7 from the shelves and listened to one audio book loaned from the library.

Of the seven I have already reviewed 4.  Reviews of the other 3 will follow during February as in the second month of the year, this blog will focus on Second Helpings.  The TBR Double Dare is an ideal time to revisit those authors / publishers  who so impressed me on 1st reading that I acquired a second offering.

I’m unlikely to review the audio book.  Dr Wortle’s School was my first outing with Anthony Trollope.  I suppose it was daring for its time, but not now.  However, I’m not judging it on the fact that the moral predicament at its centre no longer raises eyebrows in the 21st century.  It just felt repetitive and long-winded.   Was it serialised as per Dickens?  If so, that would explain a lot.  Still a solid 3-star from me.  More Trollope to follow in all likelihood but not anytime soon.

It also seems unlikely that I will stick to the TBR Double Dare during February.  While I used a get-out clause to insert exceptions for book group reads and anything of interest with regard to Glasgow’s AyeWrite festival (which turns out to be the new Colm Toibin and William Boyd), there’s no exception for a newly-planned trip during  the second half of the month and two books, currently in the embargo box,  that will be the ideal travelling companions.   It is too good an opportunity to read these books in situ and so I shall!  Therefore I shall last 6 weeks – exactly the same as last year.

Stacking my new book shelves has been surprisingly time-consuming.  The thing is I have too many interests that I want to represent on the shelves …. and too many books I want to put on them.  Still with each book in the house passing through my hands, decisions are being made and the TBR cull gathers pace.  Now at 150.

I haven’t devised a set of  impressive rules for the cull unlike Victoria and Simon. Though now that the 2nd pass is complete and more successful than the 1st, which yielded the modest total of 12, I may need rules to weed out another 450  (my cull target is 600).  I really like Simon’s idea of separating the unread books into must reads/might reads/no longer interested in reading.  I’ll use that for 3rd pass and see where that takes me …..

Toodle pip for now.  Don’t forget my Brian Moore giveaway.  Winners will be announced early evening today.