Biblioklept started a series last week about books in their natural habitats.  I thought I’d do the same – except that the majority of my books are in very unnatural habitats.  Boxes, carrier bags, underbed storage.  I had a look around and decided it really is time to build a library and that there is no way I can show you the state of things as they currently are. Particularly when the spare room – the one that is earmarked to become a library with bookshelves as opposed to a library with bookstacks on the floor  – has just been cleared out to make room for houseguests.  The good side of this is that the space is now available to build bookshelves in.  It’s now or never.   So I tootled to IKEA yesterday and ordered 8 bookcases. By the end of the month I should hopefully have some beautiful photos to share.

While I was clearing out the spare room, I started to cull the Himalayan TBR.  The first pass, asking myself “which books am I no longer interested in reading?” resulted in the cull of a staggeringly impressive total of …. 12.  I can see this exercise is going to be difficult and clearly calls for an altogether different question, something on the lines of  “which books am I going to read in the next 12 months?”.  Of course,  I’ll pretend I can speed read when I’m answering the question. books.  That way I’ll end up with a TBR for the next 5 years and half the TBR should cull itself automatically.  Well, that’s the theory ….. I’ll report back on the practice in due course.

Such distraction has meant that week one of the TBR Double Dare and Book Buying Ban has passed with hardly a temptation.  Well, almost. The Book People catalogue arrived and they’re selling Alison Weir’s Mary Boleyn for a really, really silly price.   Then Andrew Miller’s Pure won the Costa Best Novel.  It’s a beautifully designed book as well and I’ve had my eye on it for a while.  However, I resisted with the aid of the online library catalogue.  The public library has both and they will still be available once the TBR Double Dare is ended.

Week One Summary:  Books Read from TBR: 2 Books Bought: 0 Books Added to Library Reservations List: 2 Books Culled: 12