I wrote so many words about 2011 (Personal HighlightsSlicing and Dicing and The Best Of) because I suspect- nay, I know – that I will struggle to match that level of commitment to the world of reading and blogging during 2012.

The main reason is that the time will not be available as once my house guests have departed next week,  I’m embarking on a new non-reading (!) challenge.

Objective 1: I aim to become a teacher of English as a foreign language.  This is an insurance policy as I’m not at all sure of the security of my job in the UK public sector.

Objective 2: I will build my library.  It’s a known fact that you cannot stack as many books on the shelves as you can in piles on the floor and so this will naturally lead to

Objective 3: a major cull of the TBR mountain range, currently of Himalayan proportions.  I want to reduce it so that proportionately it’s more like the Bavarian Alps.  I think my public library will be the main benefactor here. My reasoning being that I can borrow back the books that I suddenly have a craving to read once they’ve left the house …..

Objective 4:  Be reasonable as regards the blog.  I have no intention of quitting (I enjoy it far too much) but in view of  objective 1) I may find it a struggle to maintain my already modest target of 2 posts per week.  For the next while this may reduce to 1 post – possibly of the round-up variety – per week.  If that happens, I will not regard it as a failure.

Objective 5:  More reasonableness regarding reading targets.  I may have read 100 books last year but I think I’ll be lucky to manage 50 this year – particularly as the books calling me loudest right now are either chunksters (Our Mutual Friend (832 pages), Wolf among Wolves (793 pages) and Oscar and Lucinda (519)) or written in German.

Objective 6: I will stop being lazy and I will read at least 2 books written in German. I’ve made a start on this – I’m one chapter into last year’s German Book Prize Winner  – Eugen Ruge’s In Zeiten des Abnehmenden Lichts (426 pages).

Objective 7:  Triumph during the TBR Double Dare.   Not only will I read from my vast TBR for the next 3 months but neither will I buy anything new. I know the TBR Double Dare isn’t officially a book-buying ban, but it is chez Lizzy.  It makes no sense adding to a TBR that is in the process of being culled.  Follow my progress on the side bar to the right —->

So there are my objectives for the first three months of this year.  Let’s revisit on April 1st if only to see just how big a fool I’ve made of myself.