My inner geek is calling and demanding I analyse those 100 books (98 unique works, 26049 pages) read in 2011 in more detail.  Just to make sure I’m not stuck in a rut or similar.

My main objective in 2011 was to ensure that 1 in 3 books was translated.  To turn that much-bandied 3% to 33%.  My final tally was 37%, split among the following languages thus:

All the books were European and it’s obvious and no surprise where my reading preference lies!  I did intend to branch out a little more and head off to South America this year.  I made a quick weekend trip via Anne Patchett’s Year of Wonder but never read anything by a native South American.  From that derives a new reading objective for 2012.

Gender ratios: 64:36 male:female.

Fiction: Non-fiction: 95:5  (Hmmm, still I made my target of 1 non-fiction title per quarter.)

Original publication dates:  77 from the 21st century (48 of those published 2011), 15 from the 20th century and 8 from the 19th.  That really surprised me!  Still as I’ll be making a concerted effort to complete my twentieth century 100 books, 100 years, 100 authors challenge next year, there’ll be more emphasis on older books.

Genre:  58 literary fiction, 27 crime fiction, 5 historical fiction, 5 non-fiction, 4 comic fiction and 1 YA.

Fiction formats: 68 novels, 14 short story collections, 12 novellas and 1 play.  I did read some poetry – Rilke, Heine and a little Goethe but I never reviewed anything.  I’ll try harder in this respect next year.

Reviewed:not reviewed ratio:  80:20 – ha! So the much quoted rule holds true!  A few more reviews to follow in January which should bring me to an 85% review rate.  I call that a reasonable effort.

Rereads: 10 including 2 read twice in 2011. (Thus 98 unique works read this year.)

DNF: 7 of which I consider 2 abandoned.  I shall sign up for the finish what you’re reading challenge next year.

Number of books owned pre-2011: 34

Keepers: 58

Ratings  5 star (10), 4 star (29), 3.5 star (17), 3 star (30), 2.5 star (6), 2 star (5)   A 3-star rating from me means it is a good read.  Thus 2012 was a good reading year but which are the best of the best?  I shall reveal all tomorrow!