It seems daft to write a wrapup post when there are only 3 days of German Literature Month left.  I’m working on building a master index of all the works we read and written about and it’s not that far short of 100 …. will a final spurt in read as you please week see us through the barrier?  I do hope so.  The month has been fantastic but that would simply be überfantastisch!

Now I may not be writing the week IV wrapup but I am announcing the winners of the One World Classics Pick and Mix Giveaway. chose numbers 1 and 4 so congratulations to Susanna P and Parrish.  Please email your snail mail details to lizzysiddal at yahoo dot com.  (Susanna, you’ll need to check for an alternative title.  One of your original choices is out-of-stock.)

P.S Those who can’t wait for the master index can hop over to Caroline’s place.  Once again, she’s been super efficient and consolidated the week as we’ve gone along.