This week my co-host, Caroline of Beautyisasleeping, has selected 3 of her favourite books to giveaway.

The giveaway is international and winners can choose whether they wish to receive the book in English or in German.
This time next week, German literature month will have begun and the giveaways will continue, throughout the month.  (Publishers really have been extraordinarily generous!).  However, the rules for the giveaway will change as we go.  We’re still working out how this is going to happen but suffice to say, the earlier and the more enthusiastically you participate in German Literature Month, the more chances you will have of snagging yourself a prize!
One thing is for sure, those who have snagged a book during October will not be excluded from the giveaways in November.  Neither will you wish to be when you see what we have to offer.
So have you started reading for German Literature Month yet?  I warmed up with Kafka and will turn my attention to Effi Briest this weekend.  I hope to send questions to readalong participants on Sunday.   There’s still time to join in the readalong if you wish.  Sign up here.
On a personal note, today really will be wunderbar for me.  I have a live event!  I’m on the bill at North Lanarkshire’s Words Literary Festival tonight, in conversation with the Edinburgh Makar (poet laureate) Ron Butlin and his Swiss wife, Regi Claire.  I’m really excited.  Butlin wrote my 2010 Book of the Year and his wife’s short story collection, Fighting It! is phenomenal.  More to follow once my feet are back on planet earth …..