I’m delighted by the enthusiasm for this readalong title.  There were 11 entrants for the giveaway.  So I’ve just asked Rossetti (i.e Mr LizzySiddal) to pick 3 numbers between 1 and 11.  He chose numbers 3, 5 and 11.

Effi Briest Giveaway Copies

So congratulations to Michelle, EveryBookHasASoul and Andrew Blackmann!  Please email address details to lizzysiddal at yahoo dot com and I’ll do the honours forthwith. I’m looking forward to our forthcoming discussions.

I hope other entrants will still consider joining in.  As this is a WordPress blog and not compatible with Mr Linky, please leave a comment below to signup.  I will need your email details also.  (Entering your address in the designated field as you comment will ensure that it will not be displayed to the world.) Caroline and I will distribute the questions in advance of  each week’s reading. The readalong schedule as follows:

Saturday 5.11.2011 Week One Chapters 1 – 15

Saturday 12.11.2011 Week Two Chapters 16 -24

Saturday 19.11.2011 Week Three Chapters 25 – 36

You can either follow these in your own blog posts or submit freestyle posts.  Readers without blogs can either use comments or send their responses to me which I will happily submit here as guest posts.  The choice is yours!  The key is enjoyment!