I’ve decided to return home for the weekend after spending 4 consecutive days in Edinburgh. I need a change of clothes and a rest because as wonderful as the EIBF is, it is exhausting. I have a notebook full of scribbles and need to work out a strategy for transferring these to the blog. (I also need to prepare for returning to the day job next week.) As a result this transfer process may take some time ….

Someone told me a picture paints a thousand words, so in that vein, please settle down and enjoy the show.

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If you want to see how the official photographer chronicles the book festival, check out Chris Scott’s flickr stream for  some amazing behind the scene shots.

Should you wish to read about the festival in  real time, check out these Edinburgh based bloggers, (who have the advantage of a) going home to blog immediately after the event or b) possessing netbooks and so can blog while still in the Square). Besides they are all virtual folk who became real this week and that was simply wonderful! AnnaNotKarenina, Colin GalbraithCornflower , RobAroundBooks.

For up-to-the-minute coverage check out #edbookfest on twitter.  I don’t know how people manage to listen and tweet at the same time.

P.S If you blogged the festival too, please let me know.