It’s that time of time of the year again.  The Edinburgh International Book Festival!  And if everything does to plan, I will be there at the beginning and still standing at the end!  I have the full 17 days off work and a full itinerary.  Let’s get started.

Saturday 13.08.2011 9:30 a.m.

The gates open.  Passing through the foyer and the ticket office, we arrive to find Prince Albert awaiting us with due dignity and ceremony.  Though what he thought of the shenanigans beneath him can only be imagined.

A quick wander round the square reveals lots of new touches.

Comfortable sofas for lounging on – though don’t be fooled.  These are made of concrete – made to withstand the Scottish Summer and the quaqmire that the heavy rains earlier in the week have created.

Though maybe you’d prefer something less formal.  How about losing yourself in a literary deckchair?

I’m looking forward to spending an hour or two in these during the next fortnight.  Though I’ve got just a quick 10 minutes to take a browse round the bookshop before heading off to the opening event …. See you later.