Jan Van Mersbergen (Picture by Fleur Speet)
Jan Van Mersbergen is on a blog tour.  Each blogger was allowed to ask one burning question.    Here’s mine.
When the big reveal about Danny’s past is made, I felt suitably horrified.  No doubt I would have behaved exactly as Robert’s wife and with an ice cold gaze removed him from my life at the earliest opportunity.  Yet a few days after finishing the book,  I’m surprising myself thinking that Danny’s victim isn’t exactly innocent and that there may, in fact, be mitigating circumstances.  Do you consider both Danny and Ragna morally culpable?
Interesting question,  Lizzy.
Of course, what Danny does (without spoiling the story) is a tough act and morally wrong, but there are circumstances, and there is the character of the closed man, the boxer. Good to hear that Ragna is the character that changes in a few days after reading. That’s exactly what I had in mind. She, for me, is a strong character. I cannot tell much, but she is the one who controls things the most. It’s difficult to judge the moral standards of your own characters, it’s hard to judge my own moral standards. It’s easy to judge others. A reader can easily think Danny is the simple masculine type, and Ragna the easy Thai-girl. That is not true of course. Robert also had a moral side that is disturbing, but he has the cover of the family. Maybe that is even worse. While the others are looking for a family.
Further details of the tour are available on the Peirene Press blog.