So how’s it going for you?  I’m -0.7 books into the Dutch TBR stack, having read 1.3 Dutch novels and acquired 2 more! So it goes, the neverending battle is simply neverending.

I can’t wait to make a start on the Nooteboom as I will be attending his event at World Literature Weekend next week.  Yep, I’m off to London and am just as excited about hitting the bright lights of the metropolis now as I was when I went to study Dutch at London University a few decades ago.  Want to know more?  Pop over to IrisonBooks where I reveal a few things you probably didn’t know and could probably live happily ever after not knowing, but hey, Iris asked and I spilled a few beans. 

Reviews of the newly read Dutch books will follow in due course.  In the meantime, here are links to the handful of Dutch literature related posts I “prepared earlier”:

The House of the Mosque – Kader Abdolah plus  Interview with the Author

The Darkroom of Damocles  – W F Hermans

Beyond Sleep – W F Hermans

Happy Dutch reading!