Continuing my exploration of the West of Scotland in this glorious spring weather  ……

Here we are approaching the Isle of Arran, Brodick Castle nestled in the trees, and …

Brodick Castle on the Isle of Arran

….. captured for posterity, I finally set foot on one of its islands after 22 years of living in Scotland. 

It really was a special day,  probably the best day weatherwise that we’ve had for years!  I’m not too impressed with the bus service – one bus every 2.5 hours (!) Even so we managed to tour Brodick Castle and its beautiful country park.

Brodick Castle - Entrance View

Brodick Castle Gardens - View from Castle Entrance

I’m afraid the literary links were scarce,  though I did find a host of golden daffodils.  Wordsworth, not the Scottish bard, I’m afraid.

Golden Daffodils

Unexpected German connections emerging …. a Bavarian summerhouse overlooking the Firth of Clyde built by the 12th Duke of Hamilton for his German bride, Princess Marie of Baden.

Bavarian Summer House

Bavarian Summer House - Pine Cone Ceiling

The interior ceiling bedecked with pine cones sourced from the castle’s gardens.

We moved further north to the Isle of Arran Distillery. (The focal point of any visit to any Scottish island, surely). 

Isle of Arran Distillery

Tucked in beneath the peaks, miles from anywhere ….our arrival was mistimed.  We missed the start of one tour and the next was full.  There was nothing for it but to sample the produce and enjoy a wee dram while waiting for the bus back.  The distillery on Arran is Scotland’s newest and the only distillery with a licence to print a picture of Robert Burns on its produce.  (See we got the to Scottish literary link eventually. )

The Burn Malt

There’s obviously something in the water because the wildlife came down from the hills seeking refreshment for themselves. As Burns himself said Freedom and Whisky Gang Thegither.