Following on from yesterday, I discover there are two more shortlists to consider …

1)  Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize (for comic fiction)

6 titles: 50 % available at my library.  2 in the TBR (Catherine O’Flynn + Sam Leith)

2) Arthur C Clarke Award (for science fiction)

6 titles: 50 % availability at my library.  0 in the TBR!  Science fiction’s not my genre of choice, though when I do read it, I do enjoy and I loved last year’s winner, The City and The City.  I may well take a voyage of discovery with this little lot.  Any particular recommendations?

Today I found myself with two hours to spare.  I just happened to be in the vicinity of a book shop.  I’ll just have a quick look, I said.  I won’t buy anything because a)  I’m really serious about the current book buying ban (2 days and counting) and b)  the first editions of the not-in-the-library-prizelistees will be long gone.  It sounded good in theory.  In practice, it was just like having a bar of Cadbury’s in the fridge.   The chocolate  books were calling me …..

2 Orange shortlistees, the 2011 Tournament of Books winner and 1 Bollinger Wodehouse shortlistee.  At least they’re all UK 1st editions and far healthier than the chocolate in the fridge.