I’m spending the weekend and some of next week dashing back and forth from the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.  It’s Ayewrite! time again and this year the programme is really exciting.  In fact, I am actually hyperventilating about one particular event to come.  Stories to follow in due course.

Of course, the dates clash with World Book Night.   I am too busy being a consumer of all things literary this week to be a World Book Night giver.  However, I did like Nicola Morgan’s suggestion for complementary world book night giving.  To select a personal favourite to share.  So yesterday at the festival while I was getting my own copy signed, I picked up another copy for you.  

Alice Thompson’s The Existential Detective was my favourite crime novel of 2010  and when I gushed, ravedperceptively reviewed (see footnote) it last year, there was a lot of interest in its intriguing title.   So here’s your chance to win not only a brilliant novel but most likely the only copy in the world that has been signed thus:

 All you need to do to put your name in the hat is to faithfully promise me that you will read the book and let me know what you think of it.  Open worldwide.   Winner to be selected in some random fashion during next week’s Sunday Salon.


“perceptive” was the word Alice Thompson used yesterday.   How pleased was I?