Pereine has kindly donated a copy of her fourth publication for a book giveaway. Perfect, particularly as it is my 4th blogiversay today. Let’s play a party game.   I can’t work out how to play pass the parcel on the blog,  so book battleships it will be.  However, you must  be gentle  No pushing or shoving.  The nymph is an elegant creature.  We don’t want to frighten her away …..

I have drawn a 6 x 6 grid and placed the book in a square.  Can you find it?  The horizontal grid is labelled A-F, the vertical is 1-6.  One guess each.  If we need a second round, I’ll let you know in comments and then you get a second turn.  Etc, for as many rounds as it takes.  Competition open worldwide.

Want to know more about the book? Watch this rather magnificient video …

Got your maltesers to hand? Take aim ….