I’ve been wanting to read more Somerset Maugham ever since loving The Painted Veil.  January’s Book People catalogue is always good but this year’s was spectacular!  All of these for just £9.99!

Aren’t they lovely?  But much as I wish to dive in, they remain untouchable for just two more weeks …. I’m still on the TBR dare.  I’ve now read 9 books from the book piles: 3 x 3-stars, 4 x 4-star and 2 x 5-star reads.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a better start to a reading year.   C B James – thank you for the inspiration.

I hope February’s reading list matches the quality of January’s.  I’m particularly looking forward to two new releases, both of which are second novels.

After giggling my way through A Not So Perfect Crime, Solana’s second novel,  A Short Cut to Paradise, has been on order since before Christmas.  It is the reason why I signed up for the dare for only 6 weeks. The plan was to read it as soon as it dropped through the letter box on 10th February. But now Amazon tell me it will be arriving earlier! Aaaargh. Will I fall at the last hurdle?

I finished J David Simons’s debutThe Credit Draper, on Friday night.  A review will follow later this week.  Suffice, for now,  to say it lived up to the expectations I had of it as a Two Ravens Press title,  and for a number of reasons I am quite stunned. I shall read the companion novel, The Liberation of Celia Kahn just as soon as I finish the Solana.

Which new releases are you making a bee line for this February?