Half-way there now!  (I signed-up for 6 weeks.)  And I’m thinking that I may do this again at the beginning of quarter 2, quarter 3 and quarter 4 of 2011.  There’s some good reading material in my TBR!

Reading wise I’m currently in Italy alternating reading between City-Pick Venice (a place I have never been but now know that I will visit someday) and Niccolo Ammaniti’s Steal You Away.  When finished, I’ll have completed all of Ammaniti’s translated fiction.  Are there any more in the offing?

Next week is Italian Week on Winstonsdad Blog, so I’m all prepared for that.  It clashes, however, with Virago Reading Week and I’m not prepared for that.  The reading life of a book blogger is a  busy one which could so easily become stressful.  I’m not up for that so please accept my apologies,  Viragoites.  I must pass this time around.

Yesterday saw the publication of the program for this year’s AyeWrite literary festival and pumping adrenaline when I saw that Jo Nesbo is scheduled to appear.  I bought a ticket for that and a couple more events including the World Book Night event in which Sarah Waters will be talking about the magnificient Fingersmith.  Very fitting as that is the title  I would have chosen to distribute had I found the enthusiasm to become a book giver.   48 copies of the same book, even if magnificent, feels like hard work, and work is hard enough as it is at the moment for me to take on more.

However, I’m now itching to reread Fingersmith.  Would reading a TBRR count as a TBR dare cheat?

I know a few have taken the opportunity to stop acquiring books during the TBR dare.  Not I, though I am cutting down on purchases.  First pounds of 2011 were spent on 17th January.  On an impulse triggered by learning that 21.11.2011  will mark 200 years since the death of Heinrich von Kleist.  It’s a couple of years since I enjoyed Michael Kohlhaas and I had a book voucher that was burning a hole in my pocket.  Of course the voucher didn’t quite cover the cost but what’s £2.50 in the grander scheme of things.  I was quite restrained ….. 

and obviously resting on my laurels when I examined the new catalogue from the Book People. More detail next week but, in the meantime, let me issue a word of warning to UK bloggers on book buying bans/restraints.  Don’t open it!