I almost forgot.  There I was between books, contemplating the next read when this arrived on the doorstep, courtesy of Icon.

I haven’t read any Pulitzer prize non-fiction before and my, do I want to read this!  I’m beginning to enjoy non-fiction more and more these days and it’s an interest which, in a very satisfying balance, was sparked by Shakespeare on Toast, another Icon publication,  a couple of years ago.

Anyway, just in time, I remembered the dare and I’m still on it.  The Dead Hand now lies at the base of a pile that for the next 4 weeks will be known as  “the Untouchables”. The middle two were purchased before Xmas but got held up in the chaos that was the Royal Mail.  Snowdrops,  another thrilling addition to the TBR, courtesy of  Atlantic books.

As for the books I did read this week, I finished the Norwegian leg of my Scandinavian crime wave.  Reviews to follow.  I made a start the first of the 4 you chose for me last week.  The Miéville is turning out to be a good choice. In fact,  this is a short post because I cannot wait to get back to it.  I’m learning new things about myself too.  I’ve just discovered my steampunky edge!