I do like to start a New Year all spick and span and so December is for finishing reading projects started earlier in the year and abandoning  for various reasons like

a) Diverting from my chosen reading paths.  So I need to finish my November Novella Challenge.  I read 10 novellas in all, only 6 of which were on the original list.  And I’ve reviewed 7 of those 10.  I think that’s a pretty good effort.  Reviews of the African novellas (Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart) will appear shortly.  And I’ll be reading the South American novellas (Bonsai and Chronicle of A Death Foretold) this coming weekend.

b) Not being in Edinburgh any more.  Alexander McCall Smith’s The Unbearable Lightness of Scones fell prey to this once the Edinburgh Book Festival finished.

c) The film of the book never appeared on my DVD subscription.  I read the first two sections of the new translation of The Tin Drum and waited in vain for the movie as it only covers this much of the book. 

 d) The weather!  I put down Amy Sackville’s The Still Point in August because the weather was glorious and reading about Arctic exploration didn’t fit with basking in the sunshine.  Well, there’s no excuse now because the temperature’s now perfect ….. 

… and yet now that it’s cold, I find myself in need of some warmth. Funnily enough the library’s just told me that I can pick up my latest reservation – Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza’s December Heat.  With  The Wolves reading another Marquez later in the month, it looks like there’s a reading project developing on the South American front here chez Lizzy ……

The South American Front