Why limit myself to one blog when I can tell you about two fantastic recent discoveries?

1) Tony’s Reading List

An English expat in Australia, Tony writes the in-depth reviews that I aspire to. He covers Victorian, Japanese, French and German fiction. Moreover, unlike my lazy self, he reads German titles in the original.

2) The New Dork Review of Books

I just love the blog name.  More irreverence on the home page where the Dork (aka Greg Zimmerman)  is pictured reading a copy of War and Peace, despite freely admitting to having never read it.    I love the tone.  It cheers me  and I enjoy all posts despite the fact that there’s not much reading we have in common at this moment in time.  That could be due to the Atlantic divide or the fact that I do read War and Peace (which I’m just about to start for the 4th time).