A quick update on progress through the EIBF 2010 TBR. In 1.5 weeks, I’ve read 1.25 books. Clearly I need to get a move on – but real life is hectic too!

Charlotte Square Gardens look  remarkably graceful and peaceful. No sign of the book festival village in sight. My Spy in Edinburgh has agreed to keep an eye – and a camera – on events as they happen. And judging by this first shot, it’s not as wet in Edinburgh as in deepest, wettest Lanarkshire. I hope it stays that way. We must have had about 10 inches of rain in the last week. (And if it wasn’t that much, it certainly felt like it!)

Still, here’s a picture to cheer the cockles of my heart …..

Charlotte Square Gardens 20.07.2010 (Courtesy of My Spy in Edinburgh)

…. and now I returning to the EIBF 2010 TBR.