Courtesy of Pink Carly (from Flickr)

Summarise your reading tastes in a picture without books challenged Simon from Stuck-in-A-Book.  This picture from Pink Carly on Flikr does this perfectly.

All Sorts!  Take a look at my category list on the right.  Literary fiction, translated fiction,classics, contemporary fiction,  crime, thrillers, cross-over novels,  historical fiction, science fiction and increasingly non-fiction.  I could eat read the lot!

But note there are no red licorice allsorts in the picture – and that’s intentional because there are books I won’t read.  Paranormal, romance, and anything with an “adult” tag or prolific profanity for example.  

I’m an old-fashioned girl at times and that’s another reason original licorice allsorts suit me so well. They are a traditional sweetie after all.

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