Check out my categories over on the right and you’ll see that Pushkin Press have their own section.  I love their taste, their books and their committment to printing lots and lots of Stefan Zweig.  Today they’re branching into young adult fiction.  The first title The Moonstone Legacy claims to pick up where Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone left off.

I had a virtual chat with Melissa Ulfane of Pushkin Press to discuss this latest move.

LS: Why did Pushkin Press choose The Moonstone Legacy as its first young adult title?
MU: It’s the book itself rather than the genre although I think young adult fiction is more authentic and less pretentious.  The story is also thrilling and informative with varied settings – Yorkshire, India …. Bollywood.

I was introduced to Diana de Gunzburg – one of the authors – in Paris and was fascinated by her history and her background in both feudal Afghanistan and the Yorkshire countryside!   I was also intrigued to learn that The Moonstone Legacy was partly inspired by the beautiful and mysterious Sezincote House in the Cotswolds.  I know it well and I love Wilkie Collins and  young adult fiction too.  So many reasons, therefore, to  publish the book.

LS: The press release states that this book will appeal to a broad age range from 10 upwards.  What makes for a good cross-over novel?
MU: Excitement.  Emotional truth.  Page-turning suspense.

LS: Does the reader require prior knowledge of Wilkie Collins’s classic?
MU:  No,  but knowing Wilkie Collins’s classic adds context.  There’s always the chance that new readers might return to The Moonstone for more excitement.

LS: What factors came into play when designing the dustjacket?
MU:  We wanted to reflect the mysterious atmosphere of the narrative as well as a sense of place.  This is actually a photography of Sezincote House.  We also wanted a cover that would appeal to all ages.

LS:  Thanks Melissa.  The book certainly appeals to me, even though I’m certainly no young adult and  I have yet to read The Moonstone.  I’m also delighted that the quality of the book itself – the look and feel of it – is of the same standard as other Pushkin releases.  I can’t wait to settle down for one long uninterrupted read.

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