So what torture test of will-power had I devised for myself last time?  Buy 1 book for every 4 read.  OK, so I had a great reading month in April – I read 11 books.  When rounded up (what else?), that gave me permission to buy 3.  So I bought the two I was hankering after last month – the new Michael Collins and Damon Galgut.  It was going so well and then ….

I knew I should not have opened the flyer for the Folio Society spring sale – not when there were free gifts to be had.  Absolute must have free gifts  … really. When you’re in Scotland, you need as many of these as you can possibly lay your hands on ….

I only had to order one book …. which, of course, quickly became four.  2 Bill Brysons (and Folio Society, if you’re reading will you please produce an edition of  my absolute favourite Bryson, A Walk in The Woods), 1 P D James and a volume of short stories by Ambrose Bierce, whose satirical Devil’s Dictionary keeps me occupied for hours.   Don’t my new babies look lovely? Colour-coordinated even!

Why four?  Because they came with another gift – something I’ve been book-lusting for since publication, though at £200 a shot, a tad expensive. But the two volume History of the Book Throughout The Ages is undeniably glorious!    Why resist temptation?