Has anyone been following  The Tournament of  Books?   I only discovered it via a commenter on the blog and I have been wondrously entertained during the past month.  Despite having read only one of the books in question  I am quite delighted at my informed guesses.  Blog reading is good for me!   Not so happy with the fact that there are another 4 entrants in my TBR, all unread. Though with 3 titles on the Orange longlist, I shall remedy that situation soon.

Talking about TBRs, I realise there was unrestrained growth during the first two months of the year.  Three stacks in January, two in February.  I was determined to reduce it to only one during March.   I managed it too …..

OK so it’s a rather tall stack, but it doesn’t topple over and I now have a yardstick against which to measure my improvement.  I have abandoned embargos – they’re like diets – die with a t on the end.   So, new strategy for April, I’m allowed to purchase one book for every 6 5 4 that I read.   Should be simple but the publishers are ganging up on me.  New novels from Michael Collins and Damon Galgut  will be in the bookstores tomorrow.  April’s reading may well comprise of  Wolf Hall and 7 novellas …..