Three weeks ago or thereabouts the normblog posed this question:

You are going to some distant and lonely and low-tech place where you will have to spend the rest of your days, and you can:

– (a) either take 100 books you have already read and which you may then re-read without limit, those being the only books you will ever get to see;

– (b) or not take any of the books you have already read, however much you may love some of them, but instead have a free and regular choice from all the books in the world you haven’t yet read, to be supplied to you by the Mobile Library for Isolated Readers in Distant Places.

Would you go for (a) or (b)?

I didn’t send in my answer because I’m still thinking it over.  All those masterpieces I’d have to leave behind as opposed to all those masterpieces I haven’t yet read. I suppose that puts me firmly in the don’t know camp.   The results , which really surprised me, haven’t helped either.

 So I’m just going to have to put together a list of the 100 books I would take with me and see if that settles the matter ….

What about you?  Is this an easy decision for you to make?